ROBBINS A., Unlimited power. Simon and Schuster, 1986


Unlimited power



Section I – The modelling of human excellence
1.1. The commodity of kings
1.2. The difference that makes the difference
1.3. The power of state
1.4. The birth of excellence: belief
1.5. The seven lies of success
1.6. Mastering your mind: how to run your brain
1.7. The syntax of success
1.8. How to elicit someone’s strategy
1.9. Physiology: the avenue of excellence
1.10. Energy: the fuel of excellence

Section II – The Ultimate success formula
2.1. Limitation disengage: what do you want?
2.2. The power of precision
2.3. The magic of rapport
2.4. Distinctions of excellence: metaprograms
2.5. How to handle resistance and sove problems
2.6. Reframing: the power of perspective
2.7. Anchoring yourself to success

Section III – Leadership: the challenge of excellence
3.1. Value hierarchies: the ultimate judgment of success
3.2. The five keys to wealth and happiness
3.3. Trend Creation: The power of persuasion
3.4. Living excellence: The human challenge